Welcome to Aradia Fitness

Aradia Fitness has taught thousands of women nationwide and aspires to unleash that confident, sexy and strong woman inside of you. Besides students learning sexy dance and fitness moves, the franchisees create a  growing community of fabulous, like-minded, powerful women who are changing and empowering their lives. Aradia Fitness offers alternative fitness in a fun, safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment where we are all different ages and sizes of women get fit and have fun. There is no nudity, just bring your workout clothes, a smile and willingness to be different.Classes and parties are taught by women just like you!

Aradia Fitness is not just about pole dancing, and it never will be, it is about a community of women that are growing in strength, confidence and empowering each other to reach goals in their lives that they thought were unattainable. Be Confident, Be Sexy, Be Aradia.

Aradia Fitness also offers franchising opportunities to women who are interested in becoming a part of a business, where you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. There are many scalable options for women that want to get into business, and we want to work with you to create a successful business, and lifestyle.

Aradia Fitness is about helping each other be the best they can be, from the franchisees to the instructor and the students.

There is nothing more beautiful and sexy than a woman with confidence.

Jun '15


Emotion vs Eating

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We tend to let our emotions dictate how we perceive food. This is true, that is why there is food labelled comfort food. We all have our own comfort food. It may be something as simple as chocolate or milk and cookies or it may be a full blown lasagne meal. In any case moderation… Read more »

Jun '15


Just in time for Summer

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Now is the time to clean up the eating to prepare for summer months. Sadly we have no control over how the economy has been handled, what epidemics are traveling through our air or food system. We can not even control when the sun rises. Contrary to what our children and husbands expect us to… Read more »



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