Krystal Wall

Franchisor Aradia Fitness Canada

I am the franchisor for Aradia Fitness Canada Inc corporate. I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of beautiful women across North America with growing this company. Many years ago, I found pole dancing or maybe it found me in the first Aradia Fitness studio in Vancouver, little did I know how a fitness class was going to change me life..inside this fitness studio I found the most confident, and sexy group of empowering women that I had ever met, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this community. As I became a part of the community, I wanted to bring the opportunity to other women to not only get fit, but have fun while doing it, and empower themselves to be their best in every aspect of their lives. I became a franchisee for Edmonton, Calgary and Regina, which was a great experience, learning about all the aspects of operating a successful business. I then became the Franchisor for Aradia Fitness Canada Inc, which has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my life, the community of women within this company continue to make me proud everyday, as they empower other women to reach for their dreams and full potential.  Thank-you to my loving husband and beautiful daughter, and amazing friends, you inspire me to always love what I do everyday.

I look forward to having you visit our Aradia Fitness family at any one of the studios across North America, or contact us anytime. Cheers!


Dakota Fox

Owner Aradia Fitness USA

I am the owner of Aradia Fitness USA, part of North America’s largest pole dancing for fitness company, and I teach and train at the headquarters location in Cary, NC. When I started I had no previous dance experience, my natural strength comes from my athletic experience in teams sports and martial arts. With this unique background, I have brought this into my pole fitness and aerial acrobatic classes to create a strong community of women. I had also worked hard to ensure that I have a large social media following and ensuring that women that are involved in Aradia USA know that whether you are an instructor, partnering studio, or a student, everyone is important in making this a community of strong women. I began performing in 2011 and completed my first pole dance competition in 2012. I now teach workshops internationally including United States workshop tours; at the International Pole Convention 2013 & 2015; at Pole Expo 2013, 2014 & 2015; Australian Pole Camp 2015 as well as throughout the United Kingdom. This has been a great experience and allowed me to meet so many beautiful people.

I am so excited that continue on my journey, continuing to be inspired by the many ladies that I get to meet on my travels, and in the classes.



Tracy Gray

Owner Aradia Enterprises

I am the original co-founder of Aradia Fitness Inc. I started my pole dancing business venture in 2003, with hosting a pole dancing party for a group of ladies in my living room. I had a vision, and with a lot of hard work and determination, grew Aradia Fitness into the largest pole dancing franchise in North America. Everyone thought I was crazy, but isn’t that the sign that you are on the right path. I knew that no matter what people said I could see how pole dancing for fitness would be beneficial to the fitness industry. I knew that this form of fitness could become a successful business venture. With a passion to teach fitness to other women, I showed women with my own weight loss story, how amazing the results were from pole fitness. I started teaching classes in Vancouver, BC, and opened a studio. I then expanded into franchising the business to locations across Canada and the US. In 2007, I moved to Las Vegas to fulfill a dream of  expanding the Aradia Fitness brand and opening a pole fitness studio in the world famous Hard Rock Hotel.  I am honored to have personally taught the art of pole dancing to thousands of women and professional performers from all over the world. I currently reside in my home province of new Brunswick, where I presently teach marketing at NBCC. I presently maintain an advisory role to Aradia Fitness Canada and Aradia Fitness USA, and look forward to expanding Aradia Fitness internationally. I am so proud of the company that Aradia Fitness has grown into, and look forward to the new opportunities that present themselves.