The History of Aradia Fitness

For entrepreneurs Christine Boyer and Tracy Gray, being told “No” was just the beginning. Aradia Fitness began in the summer of 2003 when the two friends decided they wanted to learn how to pole dance. Finding there were no ‘pole dancing as fitness’ classes offered, they decided to utilize their backgrounds to develop a pole dancing and sensual fitness program for women of all shapes and sizes. Friends thought they were crazy, but they knew it would benefit women in many ways.

They ordered a pole, watched exotic dancers and practiced everyday. Christine, a Pilates and yoga instructor, found this to be a superior full body workout and immediately became addicted. Tracy, who stopped going to the gym because of boredom, quickly lost three dress sizes with her new-found fitness passion. They put the challenging pole moves into easy to learn steps, incorporated sensual movement, dance, Pilates, yoga and stretching, and developed a safe and effective pole dancing program. This program is now the foundation for all Aradia classes. Fit, empowered and confident, they knew that women everywhere would benefit from the physical and emotional benefits of the Aradia Fitness System. After months of development, Tracy and Christine officially launched Aradia Fitness pole dancing parties in December 2003 and Aradia Fitness classes in February of 2004. Classes sold out as soon as they were announced, and Tracy and Christine were able to quit their day jobs in less then 8 months to work on Aradia full-time taking the lead on a national fitness revolution.

The Aradia Fitness System is now making waves all over the fitness world. Since introducing this fun, entertaining form of fitness to the masses, Aradia has opened  locations across North America and taught thousands women.

We are thrilled to be the largest Pole Dancing for Fitness Franchise in the world.  Our instructors are trained via our Corporate Trainers, who specializes in safety instruction and well-researched curriculum.  Every class has been designed to be fun, safe and progressive in moves.

Aradia Fitness continues to expand throughout North America and we look forward expanding internationally.