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By my customers are different

Whether it is assisting other women in business, working on consulting another companies on successful marketing strategies or being at a conference around other women in business, I always find it amazing that there is always someone that will say “BUT MY BUSINESS IS DIFFERENT, BUT MY CUSTOMERS ARE DIFFERENT, OR BUT MY ISSUES ARE DIFFERENT” these are the words that not only any successful business person should avoid, but actually have the potential to harm your business.

I think this should be called the 16 year old syndrome, because every 16 year old KNOWS that their issues are unique only to them and that nobody has ever experienced issues like that before and it is really hard to be the first one to ever experience something and have to find a solution. I hope you can feel my humor in this, if not, once you have a 16 year old in the house you will completely understand.

The similarities are quite amazing between unsuccessful entrepreneurs and teenagers because they are both having the same issue, having difficulty seeing the big picture. Years ago, I had my first experience with working with a person that continued to communicate to me, “but my customers are different”, and to allow you some insight into this situation, they offered the same services as I did to customers, they were a franchisee of the same business – this is how closed someone’s vision can get. In reality there is no closer connection to having the same target market, then then two people owning the same franchise in different locations. So that is when I started to really access this statement, and began to realize that when people say that statement, they are not being open to learning, they are not allowing themselves the opportunities to change to be successful, and they will not be able to be successful until they make the choice. Once you realize that your target market may be different, but you have the ability to learn successful marketing strategies from any business, you have the potential to learn new organizational techniques from any business, you chances of success increase automatically.

Being successful has a lot to do with a person’s ability be open to new opportunities and the ability to look at how other people are being successful and learn successful techniques, strategies, attitudes, that make them successful and implement them into your business. A successful person, never got to be successful on their own, they understood that it takes a team, a tribe, a community, a mastermind group, to grow into a success. People that would strive to re-create the wheel, are spending their time doing exactly that. Recreating the wheel that someone else already built. What a waste of time. Work together use the knowledge and experience of those around you to grow and learn how to be successful.

The awareness that this thought process is actually harming and not helping your business, is actually the first and vital step of beginning to change your thought process. Now wherever you hear someone say..”But my…” you are going to stop and look at that person differently, because you will now know that they are stuck in the syndrome, and are not willing to be successful at this present time.

For any of you being an entrepreneur, BE PRESENT, don’t limit yourself with these statements. There is so much potential to learn and to grow as a person on your journey in business, stop placing barriers on yourself. There is a bigger potential then you could ever imagine if you only let yourself embrace the opportunities around you, sometimes the greatest opportunities arise from the most unique situations.

Getting Bikini Ready All Year Round

Bikini season is no longer one time of the year, with trips to Mexico throughout the year for many people Bikini season is year round. Let’s get Rocking on a Plan to get you bikini ready all year round.


First let’s set up a goal.

Set a timeline and a goal that you would like to achieve, 12 weeks is a good timeline to let a change become a part of your lifestyle.


Second you need to figure out a work out plan.

You will be surprised how much easier it is to stick with something if you have it scheduled and not allow others to steel this time from you. Remember to schedule different activities so that you do not get bored. Most importantly do activities that you ENJOY. Having fun will make working out a part of your life and not something you HAVE TO DO.


Third step you need to Figure you a Food Program that will work for you.

Remember to balance things out as easy as Protein 30- 35 Percent. Carbohydrates (Complex more than Simplex) 40 Percent and Fats 20 – 25 Percent. This does not mean white Bread with Spam Ham and Butter and Mayo. Yiks this means wise food chooses


Fourth step is improvement of tracking self-improvement and rewards

Often we forget about that portion. We are Stressing out trying to make it to our classes get our food in our mouth in time and not over eat and make right choices, where is our mental health in this equation? You need to take one day a week and minimal one hour out of that day to take down time wether that be read or get a manicure or pedicure, go for a massage. Or coffee with the girls what ever it is that helps you bring your self time and empty your slush find of body and mental stress structure that one in. Journal your goals, and your daily struggles, and your daily achievements, be accountable for reaching your goals and be proud of your goals when you reach them.


Sunday            Monday     Tuesday       Wednesday Thursday        Friday         Saturday





Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Barre Class


Lap Dance workshop


Play with kids at the park




Aradia Classes




Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Barre Class


Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Play with kids at the park


Coffee with the Girls


Aradia Classes




Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Barre Class


Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Play with kids at the park




Aradia Classes




Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Barre Class


Go for 30 minute brisk Walk


Play with kids at the park




Aradia Classes




Go for 30 minute brisk Walk





Emotion vs Eating

We tend to let our emotions dictate how we perceive food. This is true, that is why there is food labelled comfort food. We all have our own comfort food. It may be something as simple as chocolate or milk and cookies or it may be a full blown lasagne meal. In any case moderation is the key to keeping this little demon under control.

We first need to find what are triggers are to recognize when we do it. What we reach for and why were doing it. If you can get this part of the equation in par then the rest with work will fall into place.

Step one what are our triggers.

It is important that you have an idea of what the day is planned out for food to be able to see when we do the extra reach, so when you are doing your regular meals and out side of that food listing you reach for something you need to think am I really hunger or why am I reaching for more food. How do I feel at this moment what is happening right now in my life this second. You need to record this over a week or month period. This then you can look over or best case scenario take it to a registered dietician or a nutrition Advisers to assist you in reading what is going on in there (meaning what is the trigger).

Step two give time to reflect

Now that you recognize that when you reaching it could be emotional that is causing this snacking, you want to be able to decipher the difference. One way is to first take a glass of water drink it down and tell your self if your still think your hunger 15 minutes later you can have something. First this helps take your mind of what might be the emotional trigger for a few minutes it also cures a thirst which might simple be the issue and third but not last it also gives you time to plan out a far better food choice than one you might have chosen before.


Step three don’t deprive yourself

You do not want to total deprive yourself of your comfort food remember we tend to be all or nothing in many parts of our lives and we do need to learn a balance in every aspect. Food is a good start. If there is something you really love and know that this is not the best food choose allow yourself to have this food in moderation such as a normal or reduces portion size twice a month then you do not feel cheated and will not binge on it later with no ability to control what is going in.

Remember little steps make a big difference, have a long term goal. Be Fit. Be Sexy. Be Aradia.


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