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Inner Diva Fitness

Charlotte, NC

Inner Diva Fitness is a women’s only pole dance fitness studio located in Charlotte, NC just a few minutes away from Uptown Charlotte, home of the Bank of America Panthers Stadium and the Charlotte Hornets.  Our motto, “Workouts Fit For A Diva”, accurately describes how we want our clients to feel and what we provide! Our studio has a friendly, family like atmosphere where we focus on self appreciation, confidence and fun.

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Empyrean Arts

Asheville, NC

Empyrean Arts is Western North Carolina’s epicenter for specialized movement arts and alternative fitness classes. A unique blend of strength, talent, and creativity has come together to form the foundational team that is Empyrean Arts. Collectively, the team has decades of experience in studying, training, performing, and instructing movement arts including: aerial arts, pole fitness, ballet, partner acrobatics, theater, yoga, pilates, and much more. This diversity of expertise allows our staff to offer a wide range of teaching approaches and methods so our students can pursue their goals in an environment dedicated to supportive, high quality movement education.

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Brass Belles

Brampton, Ontario

Brass Belles Pole Dance and Fitness Studio, has been proudly sharing out passion with the women on Brampton and beyond for over 11 years. Brass Belles classes offer an exciting alternative to traditional fitness. With out ever expanding family of inspiring instructors and students, we provide an encouraging and thrilling environment to get you feeling your best! Combining strength and flexibility training with fat burning and dance, our classes will have you spinning and grinning toward a strong, lean and happy body. Regardless of age or fitness level, you’re never too old or too out of shape to get started. Our classes are designed to suit the needs and abilities of all women, encouraging you to progress at your own rate. Our primary goal is to inspire, motivate and empower women to feel at ease expressing their femininity and reaching their potential. We offer this to you in a fun, safe, supportive and a non-judgmental setting. To ensure an optimal learning experience, we ensure each student has their own pole. So much more than pole dancing..

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Studio Gold's

Mannassas, Virginia

Studio Gold’s offers pole dancing, aerial arts, and specialty fitness classes at Gold’s Gym Manassas. Our goal is to provide women of all fitness levels with a safe and supportive environment in which to become stronger and explore unique fitness options. At Studio Gold’s you get a boutique fitness studio AND a gym all in one!

FLY is more than a place to find a variety of awesome and fun workouts. It is a place to join an amazing community! Our priority is to show you what you are capable of in a fun, encouraging non-judgmental atmosphere! Everyone was once a beginner. You are already strong enough to start!

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